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Sweet Dreams Bags

Delivering Hope, Comfort, and Sweet Dreams to Children Experiencing Homelessness

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Our Mission

To deliver hope and comforting bedtime supplies to children experiencing homelessness that they may feel safe and secure enough to get a restful night's sleep.

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Each Sweet Dreams Bag is filled with a pair of new cozy pajamas, an encouraging children's book, a security blanket, a huggable stuffed animal, and a sturdy identification tag all wrapped in a cheerful canvas tote bag.

Our Vision

A comforting restful sleep for every child in every shelter

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Our Bags Provide Emotional & Educational Support When Needed Most
Emotional Support
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For many, a home is a safe place where you are tucked in with a story, a kiss, and a gentle voice whispering, “Good night. Sweet dreams.” However, that isn’t the case for kids in a shelter. These children feel alone, confused, and worried about their safety, making it difficult to get the sleep they need. Restful sleep is difficult to come by in a shelter when you lie among strangers, vulnerable and afraid.


Lack of sleep causes increased stress, anxiety, depression, and difficulties with learning. Sweet Dreams is focused on meeting the sleep needs of these kids by delivering comforting bedtime belongings to each child. Each bag is filled with a pair of new cozy pajamas, an encouraging 

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children's book, a security blanket, and a huggable stuffed animal to lull a child lovingly to sleep. Everything is wrapped in a cheerful canvas tote bag with a sturdy identification tag so the child may put their name on it and have something all their own. The bags can't change what is going on in the lives of these children, but opening a Sweet Dreams Bag can let the child know that they are loved and someone out there cares for them. Until their lives change for the better and become more stable, Sweet Dreams Bags will be there to provide hope, comfort, and sweet dreams for a restful night's sleep.

Educational Support

Homeless children face many challenges in their young lives and trying to get an education ranks high on the list. The lack of security, stability, and concern for one's safety is evident by the mere fact that the child is living in a shelter. Also, the lack of nutrition and hygiene brought about by homelessness can lead to even greater cognitive deficiency and increased health problems.  Sweet Dreams Bags can add a little something extra, like hygiene packs, to each bag depending on the needs of the shelter we deliver to. Sleep resources are also tucked into each bag to empower parents to establish a simple nighttime routine. We believe these resources will encourage the reading of a bedtime story so they can build a strong connection with their child that will last a lifetime.

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Please visit "Get Involved" for all the ways to help us achieve our mission.
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Every time you smile at someone,
it is an action of love,
a gift to that person,
a beautiful thing.

~Mother Teresa

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