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Frequently Asked Questions

I belong to a gym. Can we help?

Donation Boxes

Yes, any group no matter the size can support our mission by holding a supply drive. All you need is the desire to provide homeless children in your community with hope and comfort when they arrive at a shelter!

Visit our Choose A Project page for more details. The basics are simple: Get the word out and collect the books, pajamas, blankets, or stuffed animals. After the Drive, we can pick up the donations as is or your group can pack the bags and we will pick up the completed bags. Before you know it, children will be smiling because of all your love and hard work!

Frequently Asked Product Donation Questions

We accept donations of BRAND NEW stuffed animals, NEW blankets, NEW pajamas, and NEW children’s books. Your generosity in donating new items goes a long way in our ability to help the children we serve every day. 


What type of blankets works best?

Blankets should be NEW or Handmade. We appreciate fleece, "no-sew," and store-bought blankets.

No afghans please, they do not fit into our tote bags.


What size blanket is best?

Blankets should fit in our canvas tote bag, the ideal sizes are 36 x 45 or 50 x 60


What size pajamas should I donate?

Pajamas are needed for all sizes from 0 to XXL.


What types of books are best?

Books appropriate for ages 0 to 12. Board books, Early Readers, and Easy Novels.


What are the size requirements for the stuffed animals?

The stuffed animals should be between 7-15 inches in order to properly fit inside our tote bag.

The ideal stuffed animals would be “snuggle size”. 


Are there any other restrictions on animals/ books?

Yes, please follow these guidelines:

• No Beanie Babies.

• No commemorative or holiday stuffed animals or books.

• No stuffed animals over 10 years old (no collections) for dust/sanitary reasons.

• No stuffed animals or books with battery compartments.

• No stuffed animals that make noises — such as singing, reciting prayers, etc.

• We do NOT accept items that have been recalled, banned, or do not meet safety standards.

Pack Some Sweet Dreams Today!

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More Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are impacted by your charitable work?

How do volunteers assist Sweet Dreams Bags?

As of January 2020, Maine had an estimated 2,097 individuals experiencing homelessness on any given day. Of that total, 260 were family households, with 30 percent of that total being children under 18.


There are an average of 2,552 school-aged children and unaccompanied youth reported as homeless each year. Our mission is to serve every child in every shelter.

Sweet Dreams volunteers deliver hundreds of bags to social service agencies in Kennebec County that work directly with children experiencing homelessness. These bags include encouraging books, new blankets, cozy pajamas, and plush toys for a restful night’s sleep. 

Our volunteers coordinate book, blanket, pajama, and stuffed animal drives to meet the needs of our Community Partners and the agencies we serve.

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