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Reading aloud to kids at an early age sets them up for academic success. Sweet Dreams Bags mission to deliver hope and comfort to children experiencing homelessness by providing them the sleep supplies they need for a restful night's sleep. A new book is one of the items supplied in our Sweet Dreams Bags because a bedtime story is one of the nicest bonding experiences a child can have as they grow up. Being homeless makes these simple activities difficult. Sweet Dreams has taken an additional step beyond their bags to open the Reading Room to ensure a read-aloud connection with a caring adult is part of every child's childhood. Children between the ages of 3 and 10 from local shelters are invited to join us for a special hour of reading and fun. We call this time together D.E.A.R. Time. Yes, this time is dear to us and very special, but D.E.A.R. is an acronym for Drop Everything And Read. 

Children are paired with a Sweet Dreams volunteer who will be the child's reading partner for the hour. The partners bring the children to the Reading Room where they are given the opportunity to choose a few books to read during their visit. Once they have selected their books they find a special spot around the room to relax and read. As they read, volunteers will ask questions before, during, and after reading based on the illustrations and text, to facilitate comprehension. After 30-40 minutes, reading time is over. When reading time is over, our volunteers will continue to engage with each child while they enjoy a healthy snack together. After snack time, the reading volunteer will help the child select a book that they will take home. Every child who completes a D.E.A.R. Time session is given a book of their very own to keep. 

A special bonus awaits each boy and girl at the end of their time with us. Each child will be given a brand new stuffed animal Reading Buddy to take home. Our volunteers will make sure each child spends a few minutes with their new Reading Buddy and they everything is saefly packed to travel back home with the child as they leave. We wouldn't want any lost Reading Buddies.  .

Benefits of reading with stuffed animals Stuffed animals have an amazing way of making children feel comfortable and safe. stuffed animals as valuable reading tools. littles ones to snuggle up next to their favorite book They not only make children express complex emotions, but also help them to gain greater control over their world. When children read with stuffed animals they not only increase literary skills , but also reading motivation, imagination and language/vocabulary acquisition.

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Pajama Program Buddies is geared toward elementary school children (3rd to 5th graders). In this program, students visit every two weeks over the course of a school year. Each child is matched with the same volunteer each time who meets with them to share books and stories, creating an enduring bond. Internal surveys show children look forward to the visits and experience feelings of safety and security.  

The continuity of Buddies offers a child the opportunity to not only improve their reading skills and open up their imagination, but also to deepen the bonds and their sense of trust with one person. Additionally, discussing stories with volunteers opens children’s eyes to new perspectives and ideas that they may apply in their own lives.


Reading Parties are hosted by Pajama Program for children ages 4-18 from schools, shelters, and other Community Partners that work with children facing residential, income, or familial instability. During the hour-long Storytime, children gather in circle time to introduce themselves, are paired with a volunteer who shares a story with them, enjoy a healthy snack, and then select a book to take with them. Book in hand, they rejoin the circle where each is invited to come forward to receive pajamas as they are surrounded by warm applause. Pajama Program Storytime is a one-time event, although some children visit more than once if their school or organization returns the following year.

Pajama Program Storytime provides a time for children and volunteers to share a story. Through that connection, we seek to provide children with a sense of safety, stability, and nurturing. Pajama Program Storytime provides a time for children and volunteers to share a story. Through that connection, we seek to nurture, inspire, and provide children with a sense of safety and stability. Pajamas and books serve as critical bedtime tools to make good nights for good days.

Virtual Donation Station

Help us deliver good nights for good days by visiting our virtual donation station and sharing a good night with a child. Every $25 raised delivers a new pair of pajamas and an inspiring storybook to a child facing adversity.

Sleep Health Education

When children and their parents, caregivers, and teachers have access to clear, actionable information about healthy sleep and how to foster a bedtime routine, children are better able to get sleep that is appropriate in quantity and quality. Pajama Program offers Sweet Dreamzzz® sleep health education programs to help children form healthy sleep habits that can last a lifetime.




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thoughtfully designed to deliver hope and comfort

Each bag contains hygiene items, cozy pajamas, encouraging books, security blankets, and a huggable plush toy.

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Christmas themed bags are filled with toys, activities, stuffed animals, prepackaged snacks, mittens, hats,  Chapstick, and Hand Warmers.

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A wide range of items will be carefully chosen to coordinate with your theme to make each bag more meaningful to the recipient

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