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The Reading Room

Each Sweet Dreams Bag delivers a new book to read at bedtime
helping children to sleep peacefully and wake ready to learn. 

The gift of reading. Priceless. Thank you.

Do you want to help deliver hope?     Start a fundraiser listed below.

D.E.A.R. Time
Partner Read Aloud
Book Buddy Plush Toy For Every Child 

Storytime is a foundational step in a healthy bedtime routine and good read-aloud stories can lead to sweet dreams.  Working with local homeless shelters, Head Start programs, and other direct social service agencies Sweet Dreams will invite children between the ages of 3 and 10 for a special hour of reading and fun. We call this time together D.E.A.R. Time. Yes, this time is very special and dear to us, but D.E.A.R. is an acronym for Drop Everything And Read. Support this special effort today. Host a Book Drive.

D.E.A.R. Time

When a reading session is scheduled, the children will be paired with a Sweet Dreams volunteer who will be the child's reading partner for the hour. Volunteers will bring their partners to the library to choose a favorite book, then find a special spot to relax and read. Volunteers will engage the children with questions and comments throughout the story. When reading time is over, the partners will enjoy a healthy snack together.  After snack time, the reading volunteer will help the child select a book that they may take home. Every child who completes a D.E.A.R. Time Children's Hour is given a book of their very own to keep. 

The Children's Hour

Book Buddy

A special bonus awaits each boy and girl at the end of their time with us. Each child will be given a brand new plush Reading Buddy to take home. Our volunteers will make sure each child spends a few minutes with their new Reading Buddy, Volunteers will secure the books and buddies to make sure the children don't misplace them. No lost buddies on our watch. ♥
Stuffed animals are delightful and we could use more. Help us with a Reading Buddy Plush Drive so every child will have a friend to read to.

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The Reading Room
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