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Healthy Sleep Habits

Sweet Dreams Bags include materials to empower parents
to develop relaxing bedtime habits.

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Train The Parent
Train the Teacher

Storytime Plus

Children learn about healthy sleep and our R.E.A.D.Y.® Bedtime Routine, connect one-on-one by sharing a story with a caring volunteer and leave with program materials and new pajamas and books for bedtime. This interactive experience provides children with the building blocks they need to have a Good Night for a Good Day.

Sweet Dreamzzz® Parent Workshop

This engaging, interactive presentation on healthy sleep and the importance of a bedtime routine helps parents and caregivers with simple strategies for overcoming common bedtime challenges and encourages peers to learn from shared experiences. Participants receive tools to help foster comforting, healthy bedtime routines with their children.

Sweet Dreamzzz® for Early Childhood

Designed for Head Start and state-funded preschools, this comprehensive program gives early childhood educators the training and tools they need to provide hands-on sleep health education to young students and their caregivers. 

Boy with Teddy Bear

Sweet Dreamzzz’s evidence-based sleep health education programming has been a pioneer in developing classes, presentations, and workshops to effectively teach children, parents, and teachers a simple nighttime routine to last a lifetime.

Sleep Habits
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